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Matillion BI, cloud-based Business Intelligence and Self-Service Reporting that’s easy to use and fast to implement.Matillion BI turns business data into useful, usable information. Saving time and giving managers and executives the tools they need to make timely, informed decisions.
One, always up-to-date, version of the truth that everyone can access. Central reporting over multiple systems without needing to embark on expensive, high-risk system replacement projects.Easy to use, powerful, modern reporting tools that can be accessed securely from anywhere: desk, home, mobile or even shared with customers or suppliers.
Matillion Mobile delivers the power of Matillion BI to your Android device. Download the app to access your Matillion BI reports, analyses and dashboard, live from your Android phone or tablet.
About Matillion:
Matillion is a cloud software company, delivering data analytics and Business Intelligence technology “as-a-service”.
Our web-based platform has radically reduced the cost, complexity and time to implement Business Intelligence and big data analytics. Using Matillion technology, companies can implement enterprise-class Business Intelligence, Self-Service reporting and big data analytics in weeks, rather than years.
For more information or to get a demo, visit:
Login Instructions:Use the same login email and password you use to login to Matillion. If you normally login to, then enter mycompany as the "Organization"